• Ogden

    The Community of Choice to Live, Learn, Work, and Play.
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    Affordable all-access mountain lifestyle, authentic downtown, vibrant arts culture, committed community and coveted independent spirit.

    Weber State University, Ogden-Weber Applied Technical College, and collaborative partnerships for STEM program development.
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    Outdoor Recreation and Bicycle industry leader, emerging market boom in Aerospace, Defense, and Technology industry clusters.
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    Rich recreational opportunities, playground of distinct natural assets, a vibrant arts culture and world-class events.
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It has been an honor to serve you and lead Ogden’s remarkable period of growth and partnership.  Ogden has earned the reputation as one of the most progressive cities in the state.  I am committed to continue this transformation to drive economic growth and prosperity, develop and mobilize a skilled workforce and invest in quality neighborhoods.  Together we can make Ogden the community of choice to live, learn, work, and play.
- Mike Caldwell, Ogden City Mayor



Ogden is a business development machine pumping out over 3,823 new jobs, $113 million in new property values, and $79 million in sales revenues since 2012. I will continue to drive strategic economic growth to make Ogden a world-class hub in the Aerospace, Defense, Technology, and Outdoor Recreation industries.

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As Ogden’s economy booms, the need for skilled workforce is critical to attract new companies, improve the city’s employment portfolio, increase household income, and cultivate and retain commerce. I will continue to lead community coordination of education, government and industry partners for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to prepare Ogden's workforce to access high-paying jobs.

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Ogden has successfully recruited 30+ leading brands in the outdoor industry and is set to take off in the Aerospace, Defense and Technology industries. I will lead Ogden’s neighborhood transformation by comprehensively addressing issues of distress and blight to create a more balanced community.

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Ogden’s long list of accomplishments, recognitions, growth and development has been the product of community collaboration, connected commitment, and innovative partnerships. I will continue to lead the investment in relationships with key community partners including Ogden City Council, Ogden City Schools, Ogden/Weber Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), Weber County, GOAL Foundation and the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce.

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About Mayor Mike Caldwell

Ogden City Mayor, Mike Caldwell is driven by his passion for Ogden. From exploring around the foothills near his childhood home on 9th Street and his college years at Weber State to his professional employment in county government, public affairs, tourism and world-class event management, Ogden has always been the place he has chosen to live, work and play.

Ogden City Mayor Mike Caldwell is a transparent leader who is changing the face of Ogden. His guidance flames Ogden’s creative and independent spirit, attracting global business and world-class events.

With a clear agenda to continue Ogden’s legacy as a unique and engaging place, Mayor Caldwell promotes the area’s distinct mix of outdoor recreation, burgeoning business, and commitment to education and community.

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As we move forward...

As we move forward...

Posted by Mike for Mayor - Mike Caldwell for Ogden, Utah on Monday, October 5, 2015

Community of Choice

Ogden is the community of choice to live, learn, work, and play.
As we continue to drive economic growth and prosperity, develop and mobilize a skilled workforce and invest in quality neighborhoods I can only imagine where we will go together.


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