Quality Neighborhoods and Community

Ogden has successfully recruited 30+ leading brands in the outdoor industry and is set to take off in the Aerospace/Defense and Technology industries. I will lead Ogden’s neighborhood transformation by comprehensively addressing issues of distress and blight to create a more balanced community.

• Created new owner-occupied housing developments in the downtown core.
• Outlined an active walkable, bikeable, and driveable transportation master plan to provide residents with access to connected corridors, including the Grant Avenue Promenade.
• Worked with Ogden School District on new STEM magnet school that will replace Dee Elementary.
• Established a Diversity Charter to open dialogue with underrepresented populations.
• Consolidated some public safety department functions to address repeat criminal behavior.
• Reduced part one crime by 13%.
• Remodeled Fire Station 2 and allocated funding to rebuild and relocate Fire Station 3 to serve the north end of Ogden.
• Funded the essential installation of a new water treatment plant to provide secure and clean water.

• Drive a 750-unit increase in housing around the new STEM Elementary over the next two years.
• Address code enforcement ordinance and policies expediting pathways to neighborhood revitalization.
• Correct the 5,000-unit surplus of substandard housing in the downtown core.
• Create zoning for neighborhood commerce.
• Connect neighborhoods and commercial areas through implementation of active transportation master plan.
• Continue to aggressively improve public safety.
• Partner with Weber County Attorney’s Office to reinstate the gang injunction.